Planning for a Move

Moving Doesn’t Have to Be a Headache
As anyone who’s ever moved can tell you, moving has the potential to be an expensive and frustrating experience. With some careful and realistic planning, however, you can be prepared to make your easiest move yet!

Take a look at the following tips for minimizing hassles on moving day, and focus on the important things, like getting settled into your new apartment at Williamsburg North.

Make a Realistic Budget
Unexpected expenses may pop up, throwing your budget out of whack and causing a scramble to cover last-minute costs. As you’re preparing for your big move, list out all of the likely expenses so you don’t encounter any surprises. A moving truck is an obvious expense, but read the fine print – you may have to pay additional fees if you exceed a certain mileage or fail to return the truck with a full tank of gas.

Keep the Kids and Pets Occupied
A family move can add complications to an already chaotic day. When your move involves kids or pets, be sure to make arrangements to keep them safe and out of the way. Recruit a trusted friend or family member to be on babysitting duty, or drop your dog off at doggy daycare.

Enlist a Crew
Just like Grandma used to say, many hands make light work! You can help make a move smoother and faster by enlisting a few friends. Arrange for a larger crew than you need, in case one of your helpers has to back out.

Helping friends move is an age-old tradition often rewarded with pizza and cold drinks, but remember that being willing to return the favor is the best way to show your gratitude to anyone giving up their weekend to help haul your boxes from one place to another.

Expect the Unexpected
Even the best plans often encounter a hiccup or two, so it’s wise to have a few contingency plans in place. Keep a tool kit handy, in case you need to remove table legs or partially disassemble your furniture to make it fit into your moving van. Give one of your helpers a spare key to your old and new apartments, in case you accidentally lock yourself out. And don’t forget a simple first aid kit to treat any scrapes or splinters.

Make Your Next Move the Right One
Williamsburg North’s comfortable and spacious apartments are centrally located – close to Broad Ripple, and minutes from downtown and Castleton. Call us to set up your virtual or in-person tour, and find out why Williamsburg North should be your next move: (317) 648-5854.