4 Tips on Choosing Plants for Your Apartment

How to Add Color and Greenery to Your Space

There’s no quicker way to add life, color, and personality to your apartment than with plants. Choosing plants that will thrive in an apartment setting doesn’t have to be complicated – just follow a few basic principles to find the right fit.

  1. Determine how much light you get, and where
    The most important factor to consider when choosing plants for your apartment is what kind of light those plants will get. Considering succulents? Make sure you have a spot that gets full sun. Even low-light plants like ferns and philodendrons still need some sunlight, so take a few days to monitor the amount of sunlight your apartment gets throughout the day, and where that sun hits. Different plants will thrive in different places in your apartment. If you want to put a plant in a low-light corner of your apartment, a snake plant or spider plant is a good choice.
  2. Be realistic about maintenance
    The thought of a lush, thriving indoor garden is certainly appealing, but think about how much time and attention you’ll really be able to devote to your plants. If you don’t have a lot of free time, hardy, low-maintenance plants are probably a better choice than delicate orchids, which need to be pruned, misted, and fertilized.
  3. Start simple
    If you’re new to indoor plants, the number of choices can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are many varieties of plants that are quite forgiving of beginners’ mistakes. Pothos, or devil’s ivy, can flourish in many different environments and is noted for being easily propagated from cuttings. Spider plants are known for being low-maintenance and easy-to-grow. Succulents, which have enjoyed immense popularity in recent years, are a great choice for those who have areas of ample direct sunlight – just be careful not to over-water them.
  4. Keep drainage in mind
    With so many options for pots and planters, there’s more to think about than whether the pot you choose matches your decor. If the pot doesn’t have drainage holes, mix stones in with your potting soil as well as placing a layer of stones or activated charcoal on the bottom of the pot to encourage appropriate drainage and prevent root rot. The perfect pots will keep your plants healthy and flourishing.

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