10 Ways to Brighten Your Decor for Summer

Refreshing Decorations for Summer

Summer is coming, and that means warm weather and fresh trends! You may be looking around your apartment and wondering how to give your decor that touch of summer. If you live at Williamsburg North, then you’re in luck. Our apartments in north Indianapolis are conveniently located near top shopping destinations like Keystone at the Crossing so you can easily shop the latest looks. But in case you need a little direction, here are some of the best ways to give your decorating that special summer flair. 

#1: Coastal Cool

The overall trend for this summer is coastal vibes. Think of subtle, pastel tones and lots of clean lines. An easy way to bring this to life is through a few knickknacks and a change of linens. Small touches like a new vase or a fresh throw pillow make it easy to transport you to the seaside. 

#2: Bohemian Touches

Bohemian is “in” across the board, both in fashion and in decorating. This one is easy to add to your decor. Consider something simple like a macrame wall hanging or woven hanging basket for a plant. Go with colors like creams and browns to keep it neutral, and it’s sure to blend with your existing decor, too. 

#3: Natural Elements

Take it back to nature with things like wood, cotton, and linen. This is a particularly good trend to use for your bedroom because natural fibers, including cotton and linen, breathe easily. That makes them the perfect choice for your bedding and window dressings. 

#4: Warm Wood

Grab a new tray, basket, or carved knickknack featuring warm wood tones. This trend ties in nicely with both natural elements and coastal touches. You could even look for an interesting art piece using driftwood to bring it all together. 

#5: Personal Flair

No matter what the trends are, your space should look like you. As you choose your new pieces, find something that shows your personality. If you’re into something specific, feature it in your art or color choices or add some coffee table books about your favorite topics. 

#6: Stripes

Stripes are a great way to trick the eye and make everything look taller. A great place to incorporate your stripes is on your windows. The curtains can make things look taller and brighter. You can even do little elements, like a new set of glasses and placemats to change up your eating space. 

#7: Bold Blue

Blue is one of the colors of the season. It hearkens back to the sea, which is already a huge trend. However, don’t shy away from a deep, bold blue in your decor this summer. This could be a great time to try your hand at a DIY project and refinish a small side table or lamp with strong blue paint. 

#8: Clean White

Another dominant color for summer is white. It goes with everything, but it also quickly makes things look fresh and bright. The best place to try this is actually on the walls. A fresh coat of paint is a great way to make a space look brand new. Of course, always check your lease before painting, and if you have questions, contact your property manager just to be sure. 

#9: Outdoors and Indoors

In summer, the place you want to be is usually outside. So why not bring the outside inside? This is one of the easiest things to do because stores are brimming with fresh plants in summer. Try an easy one, like a succulent, or stick with fake plants if you don’t have a green thumb. They make the perfect coffee table, dining table, kitchen counter, or bathroom counter addition. 

#10: Textures

Sometimes decorating isn’t about what you see but what you feel. The right texture can really add a cozy element to your space. This is another great trend to combine with others. Try a striped linen throw blanket with a touch of blue or a woven pillowcase with wooden toggles. Have some fun with it, and remember that every little touch helps. You can even do something as easy as changing up your dish towels and hand towels. 
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