Best Parks to Visit in Indianapolis

Park Hopping in Indy

The Indiana sunshine is beckoning everyone to head outside and soak up some sun. The easiest place to catch some rays is a great local park. Residents of Williamsburg North enjoy an ideal location for getting outside. Our apartments in Indianapolis are within 25 minutes (or much less) of many top parks in the area. Here are some of the best parks to check out around the city! 

#1: White River State Park

If you are most interested in balancing the outdoors with urban surroundings, then this is the place to go. This park is located right downtown and includes not only trails and trees but also access to other top destinations. You can check out the TCU Amphitheater, Indiana State Museum, NCAA Hall of Champions, and more. 

#2: Garfield Park Conservatory

Come explore the outdoors or the outdoors indoors at this exceptional park experience. Although reservations are required, admission is free! There are 9 unique experiences to enjoy, including the Palm House, the Desert House, and the E.M.G. Children’s Garden. It is an ideal option for a park day that may be derailed by the weather. You can also book your spot up to 30 days in advance to make planning even easier.

#3: The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art and Nature Park

Find the intersection of art and nature at this special spot right behind Newfields. You can wander the trails and encounter installations of impactful contemporary art. The park is open from sunrise to sunset, so you can take your time exploring. There are plenty of benches dispersed throughout, and there’s even a gorgeous 35-acre lake. 

#4: Holliday Park

Discover the perfect park for individuals of any age. Holliday Park offers classic park elements like trails, but it also has a huge playground, nature center, and ruins. The area with the ruins was revitalized in 2016 to include “a children’s water table, shimmer fountain, benches, an allee of trees, and a number of new gardens.” You’ll catch views of trees, flowers, and the White River as you explore 95 acres of fun. 

#5: Holcomb Gardens

Enjoy stunning gardens right on the campus of Butler University. It is home to native flora and other beautiful views like a gazebo and waterfalls. There’s a long grass mall that runs parallel to the canal that ends with a raised octagonal pool. Panoramic views await you at every turn. 

#6: Fort Harrison State Park

You can visit this park year-round for a variety of outdoor adventures. Sled in winter, admire the foliage in fall, watch everything come back to life in the spring, and find some shade in the trees in summer. It’s also absolutely massive at a whopping 1,700 acres. This is also the perfect place if you’re looking for a more rugged walk or hike rather than a super flat and paved path.  
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