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DIY Projects for Outdoor Spaces

Bring New Life to Your Outdoor Space If you have an outdoor space to decorate, you may be wondering what will help give it a visual lift. There are so many options waiting at home goods stores that it can be overwhelming. What should you choose? What if your favorite piece is a bit expensive?… Read More »

7 Healthy Summer Picnic Recipes

Picnic Food Made Healthy The summer weather practically demands that you spend more time outdoors, and going on a picnic is a classic way to get outside and enjoy tasty treats all at once. If you live in north Indianapolis apartments like Williamsburg North, you’ll already be in an ideal location to get to many… Read More »

5 Basic But Delicious Dishes

Simple Meals for Busy Days When life takes over but you still need to eat, it can be tempting to hop in the car and head for the nearest drive-thru. However, that’s not the friendliest habit for your pocketbook or your waistline. Instead, try heading to the kitchen. If you live at Williamsburg North, you’re… Read More »

Best Parks to Visit in Indianapolis

Park Hopping in Indy The Indiana sunshine is beckoning everyone to head outside and soak up some sun. The easiest place to catch some rays is a great local park. Residents of Williamsburg North enjoy an ideal location for getting outside. Our apartments in Indianapolis are within 25 minutes (or much less) of many top… Read More »

Packing for a Beach Day

How to Pack for a Beach Day There’s nothing like a beach day. Whether that means traveling to the coast or to one of the many lake shores in Indiana within just a few hours of Williamsburg North, it’s an opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and relax in… Read More »

Dining in Style

When you put together your design plan for a new apartment home, it’s often easy to figure out your bedroom, living room, and kitchen. They have clear focal points, like a bed, couch, or appliances. Dining rooms can be a little trickier depending on where they are in your floor plan. Some apartment homes don’t… Read More »

How to Use Florals in Decorating

Bringing Blooms Indoors As the temperatures rise and you look inside, you may be thinking of integrating florals into your decorating. After all, they are a great way to add dimension and color to a room. When you live at Williamsburg North apartments in Indianapolis, you are close to top retailers and other hotspots to… Read More »

Maximizing Your Spring Cleaning

Spring Clean with Purpose Once the weather warms up, you’re probably pulling back the curtains, letting in the light, and–oh no! The beautiful natural light is, unfortunately, highlighting a few spots you’ve neglected to clean over the winter. No problem! Spring cleaning is an annual ritual that many people use to start over fresh. At… Read More »

How to Keep Your Apartment Smelling Fresh

Out with Funky, In with Fresh There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful home that sadly, well, smells. Sometimes it feels like the funk is coming from everywhere and nowhere all at once. That can become even harder when you’re living in an apartment because your space may include shared hallways or have fewer windows.… Read More »

7 Places to Visit in Indianapolis

Exploring Circle City Whether you have lived in Indianapolis for decades, for months, or are looking to move here now, there are many hotspots to visit. Indianapolis offers excellent choices for dining, retail, and entertainment. If you live in midtown apartments like Williamsburg North, then you are in an ideal location to explore everything the… Read More »