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How to Hit Refresh on Your Wardrobe

Refreshing Your Fashion One of the perks of living in Indianapolis apartments near Keystone is the proximity to shopping options. There are so many places to go! For bigger brands, you can go to Keystone at the Crossing, Castleton, or Glendale Town Center. You can also check out Broad Ripple to shop small and local.… Read More »

4 Tips on Choosing Plants for Your Apartment

There’s no quicker way to add life, color, and personality to your apartment than with plants. Choosing plants that will thrive in an apartment setting doesn’t have to be complicated – just follow a few basic principles to find the right fit.

6 Things You Need for Your First Apartment

The New Renter’s Starter Kit Moving into your first apartment? Congratulations! Aside from furniture, there are quite a few things you’ll want to have to make your first place feel more like a cozy home. Following are some suggestions for what to buy before and after move-in day. LinensEstablishing a new home requires a surprising… Read More »

How to Maximize Your Living Space

With multiple spacious floor plans to choose from, Williamsburg North Apartments in Indianapolis has plenty to offer. And with some simple decorating tricks, you can make the most of every square foot and make your home feel even larger.

Break Routines for a Fresh Start

Simple Changes That Make a Difference Looking back at the past year, it may seem like you’ve been doing the same thing day in and day out for as far back as you can remember. Whether you’ve been working from home, commuting into the office, or facilitating e-learning with your kids, give yourself a fresh… Read More »

Energy-Saving Tips

How to lower utility costs The cost of heating and cooling your apartment can vary throughout the year, and every renter who lives in Indianapolis has probably been unpleasantly surprised by a hefty utility bill at least once. With some simple energy-saving tips, you can help lower your utility costs and keep them more consistent… Read More »

How to Have a Simple Thanksgiving

Alternatives to the Big Family Meal Williamsburg North’s spacious floor plans give you plenty of room for hosting a Thanksgiving get-together, but in 2020, this holiday may look a bit different than it normally does. With people across the country choosing to limit travel this holiday season, the annual Thanksgiving feast might be replaced by… Read More »

Best Apartments for Families

Space and Amenities for Parents and Kids When looking for an apartment to accommodate a family with kids, apartment size, layout, and community amenities can make all the difference. Williamsburg North has all of the features to make your apartment a comfortable home for your entire family. Some things to keep in mind as you… Read More »

Financial Considerations When Choosing a Roommate

Things to Think About When Splitting the Rent Living with a roommate is a great way to reduce your monthly bills and afford an apartment that might otherwise be out of your budget. Before signing a lease, it’s important to make sure your roommate can afford their share of the costs. Following are some points… Read More »

Micro Trips: Choose Your Half-Day Getaway

4 Destinations Near Williamsburg North Looking for a quick getaway? With Williamsburg North’s central location and proximity to the interstate and major crosstown roadways, you’re never far from one of our area’s best day trip destinations. You can drive to any of the four locations we’re highlighting below in less than 30 minutes. So pack… Read More »