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Indoor Destinations in Indianapolis

Indoor Fun Around Indianapolis Indianapolis is a thriving city, but like any city in the Midwest, the winters can get a bit cold and blustery. That’s usually a strong signal to head indoors and take cover. But instead of staying cooped up all winter, make your way to some top indoor destinations. It helps to… Read More »

Health and Wellness Resolutions: Tips for a Healthier Year

A New Year, a Healthy Year There’s a lot of pressure around New Year’s to dive head-first into a super intense health resolution. But that’s not sustainable or healthy for anyone. If you truly want to make an impact on your overall health, then you need to have a clear and attainable plan. It helps… Read More »

Historical Sites and Other Fun Spots Around Indianapolis

Getting in Touch with Hoosier History If you consider yourself a history buff, you may be surprised to discover that there’s plenty of history you can experience firsthand in Indianapolis. There are quite a few unique and immersive experiences that await you in the Circle City. It’s best to start from a location close to… Read More »

Summer Adventures Near Williamsburg North

Season of Fun Summer sun is beckoning you to head out and enjoy what Indianapolis has to offer. Luckily, Williamsburg North is surrounded by numerous parks and areas that host a variety of events. Check out some of our ideas to maximize your summer experience in and around Indianapolis! Local Fun for Everyone Williamsburg North… Read More »

Creating and Sticking to a Budget

Managing Money No matter your situation, a budget is a necessary tool to make your money work for you and not against you. However, not everyone has experience with budgeting. You may have made some smart choices already, such as choosing a great apartment community like Williamsburg North that has amenities included with rent. But… Read More »

5 Storage Tips for Off-Season Clothing

Finding Room for Seasonal Clothes As summer moves out and fall moves in, you may be scrambling to find the room to store all your clothes. If you’re lucky, you already have spacious closets like the ones at Williamsburg North. Our apartments in north Indianapolis offer multiple storage areas to help you. But if you… Read More »