5 Storage Tips for Off-Season Clothing

Finding Room for Seasonal Clothes

As summer moves out and fall moves in, you may be scrambling to find the room to store all your clothes. If you’re lucky, you already have spacious closets like the ones at Williamsburg North. Our apartments in north Indianapolis offer multiple storage areas to help you. But if you still need a little extra wiggle room or just some clever tricks, here are a few ideas to keep seasonal clothes organized and ready when you need them. 

#1: Keep It Clean

Before you get too excited about storing things away, it’s important to store things that are fresh. It may seem like a hassle at first, but it’s best to give your clothes a good going-over and a good wash before you store them until that season returns. Check for stains so you can treat them with stain remover or holes so you can patch them. Cleaning them properly also means that your favorite pieces will be fresh and ready when you pull them out. 

#2: Protect Your Fabrics

Fabric can be fragile and needs a little extra protection. Insects like moths often want to take advantage of your tasty fabrics and can come after them. Instead of waiting for them to move in, try adding some lavender sachets to your clothing storage. It smells great for humans but is not a favorite with moths. This also means you avoid mothballs, which not only have an odd odor but are also toxic for pets and not so great for humans either. 

#3: Fold It Away

Another common mistake when storing clothes is the temptation to leave everything on hangers. While this might save a little time, it will not save your clothes. Lots of fabrics get easily stretched out when left on a hanger for extended periods of time. Things like sweaters, even lightweight ones, can go out of shape if left for too long. Instead, fold it up. This will also make it easier to store because folded items are easier to contain. 

#4: Pick the Right Container

There’s a huge temptation when you’re storing clothes to go for big plastic bins. You can find a variety of sizes, they’re often clear, and they usually come with lids. However, plastic is not ideal for clothes storage. Fabric needs to breathe to stay fresh and avoid pesky problems like mildew. Long-term storage in plastic can also cause discoloration. The best option is to go for something soft-sided and preferably made of fabric. There are also bins and bags now that have clear panels on the front so you can still easily see what’s inside when you’re looking for your favorite cardigan. Another great option is under-bed storage

#5: Store Only What You Need

The biggest mistake you can make when you store your clothes is to pack away too many. Before you even bother cleaning, folding, patching, and storing, look at what you’re about to store and decide if you really need it or even wear it even more. This will keep your wardrobe fresh and focused and leave some space for new things you buy for whatever season comes next. 

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