Health and Wellness Resolutions: Tips for a Healthier Year

A New Year, a Healthy Year

There’s a lot of pressure around New Year’s to dive head-first into a super intense health resolution. But that’s not sustainable or healthy for anyone. If you truly want to make an impact on your overall health, then you need to have a clear and attainable plan. It helps if you have access to resources like the community amenities at Williamsburg North, north Indianapolis apartments, and plenty of commitment. Grab your resources, grab your resolve, and let’s create a winning health and wellness plan for your new year!

#1: Small Changes for Big Returns

One of the biggest pitfalls for any resolution is to go too extreme. That’s very common with health goals, too. It can be tempting to follow the latest and greatest diet, but strict dieting usually backfires. In fact, research shows more than two-thirds of dieters will end up gaining back a significant amount of the weight they lost. Instead of making drastic and restrictive changes, make incremental changes. If you never work out, it’s unrealistic to start working out every day. The same is true with diet. Instead of cutting out all sugar, start by reducing portions or how frequently you indulge. 

#2: Go for Whole

Whole foods are a huge game-changer for your health goals. Choosing whole foods automatically helps you avoid all the worst dieting pitfalls: excess sodium, ultra-processed ingredients, and added sugars. Pick up some apples, carrots, celery, and whole nuts. They are easier for your body to process, and many include fiber that aids in digestion. 

#3: Tracking Is Key

You’ll have a better time with your resolutions if you track your successes somehow. You could opt for an old-fashioned version like a journal or calendar, but there are plenty of high-tech options that can make the experience more fun and interactive. Check out this list of the best health apps for some ideas. 

#4: Every Minute Counts

Don’t trick yourself into believing that you don’t have enough time to improve your health. If you have 10 minutes or even 5, you can work on your health. Take those small increments of time and add them up into big gains. You can use that time to take a walk around the block, up the stairs, or just around your home. You can also step away from screens and read a book, meditate, or light a scented candle. All of these will help with your mental-emotional equilibrium.

#5: Deep Sleep Is Essential

Sleep is healing at any age, and it’s especially important if you’re working on new healthy habits. Deep sleep gives your brain and body the break it needs to achieve your end goals. Maximize your sleep by having your own bedtime routine. Shut down your screens by a certain time as often as possible, then read a book, listen to music, or do some breathing exercises to get into the right mood. 

#6: Prioritize Stress Relief

What’s the point of improving your health if you’re too stressed to enjoy it? Make sure you take time to step away from your stressors and just let loose. It’s also a great way to celebrate your wins. If you’ve been on track for a week, a month, or a whole quarter, celebrate by doing something you truly enjoy. Avoid something that will jeopardize your health goals like a huge sweets binge and do something you’re passionate about. Maybe you can call some friends for an impromptu game night, visit a spa, or try some soothing yoga. 

#7: Have a Plan

The best intentions will go nowhere without a plan. You have to set a clear goal for yourself and then stick to it. For example, a bad goal would be to “eat better.” That’s incredibly non-specific. Instead, try something like, “I will eat a whole fruit or vegetable at least twice a day, three days a week.” You can use a calendar, an app, a spreadsheet, or whatever works best for you and keeps you on track. It’s also super satisfying to be able to see yourself advancing your plan and reaching your goals. 
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