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Spring Cleaning Tips for Apartments

Spring Into Clean As you get ready to leave the cold of winter behind, you may be looking around your apartment and thinking about the clutter (and maybe some dust) that developed when you were mostly staying indoors. It’s the classic signal that it’s time for some spring cleaning. Maybe you’re lucky and starting new… Read More »

7 Storage Hacks for Apartment Closets

In the places where most of us live, space is a precious commodity. One area where space can be particularly limited is the closet, especially if you don’t organize thoughtfully. But with a little creativity and clever storage hacks, you can make the most of your apartment closet space. If you live at Williamsburg North… Read More »

5 Storage Tips for Off-Season Clothing

Finding Room for Seasonal Clothes As summer moves out and fall moves in, you may be scrambling to find the room to store all your clothes. If you’re lucky, you already have spacious closets like the ones at Williamsburg North. Our apartments in north Indianapolis offer multiple storage areas to help you. But if you… Read More »

4 Fun Places to Visit Near Williamsburg North

Find Fun Just 15 Minutes from Home Find Fun Just 15 Minutes froIt can be hard to find something to do when the weather is uncooperative, especially when the temperatures start to plunge. Luckily, if you live at Williamsburg North, you can find plenty of fun close to home. Here are four destinations about 15… Read More »