7 Storage Hacks for Apartment Closets

In the places where most of us live, space is a precious commodity. One area where space can be particularly limited is the closet, especially if you don’t organize thoughtfully. But with a little creativity and clever storage hacks, you can make the most of your apartment closet space. If you live at Williamsburg North Apartments for rent in Indianapolis, you have a wide range of floor plan options from one bedroom all the way up to a spacious four-bedroom plan, which provides plenty of options for additional storage. Here are some practical tips for transforming your basic closet into a functional and organized storage haven.


Before diving into closet organization, take some time to declutter. You might want to somewhat ruthlessly go through your clothes, shoes, and accessories and set aside for sale or donation any items you haven’t touched in a year or longer. You could be pleasantly surprised by how much more space is instantly free. 

Invest in Slimline Hangers

If you attempted a purge and found your closet was still jam-packed, consider investing in slimline and space-saving hangers. These sleek hangers take up less space and create a more uniform look in your closet. You can even organize clothing according to season, color, and occasion to keep things even more neat. 

Use Shelving and Dividers

Consider incorporating some renter-friendly shelving that doesn’t require drilling into the wall, and will help keep your stacks of clothing neat and prevent toppling. They’re especially useful for organizing shoes, sweaters, jeans, and accessories.

Double Up with Closet Rod Extenders

A closet rod extender helps make use of vertical space by allowing you to hang clothes both above and below, effectively doubling your hanging space. Use the lower rod for shorter items like shirts and the upper rod for longer items like pants and dresses. 

Install Over-the-Door Organizers

The inside of your closet door is often overlooked as a storage opportunity. An over-the-door organizer with pockets or hooks to store shoes, accessories, scarves, or even cleaning supplies is a clever way to maximize space.

Stackable Storage Bins and Baskets

You can optimize your floor space by using stackable storage bins. They’re perfect for storing shoes, bags, accessories, or seasonal items like gloves, hats, and scarves. Clear containers or labels will help you easily identify the contents.

Under-Bed Storage

If your closet is still bursting at the seams, don’t forget about your second closet: under the bed!  It’s a great place for storage bins, extra bedding, and other items that take up space but that you don’t need to access every day.

Sort by Season

Again, storing items according to season will help keep your clutter more manageable year-round and keep things you don’t need out of the way. If you live in an apartment with an extra bedroom, the extra closet can be your space for off-season items. 

Utilize Vertical Space

Hooks, pegs, or taller, narrow shelving can help store your belts, ties, hats, or bags, making the most of every inch of space.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Since you don’t want all your hard work to go to waste, make organization a regular part of your routine. Periodically review your wardrobe and declutter to prevent your closet from overwhelming you again. 
If you’re looking for apartments in north Indianapolis that provide flexible, functional space and a range of floor plans to suit any lifestyle, take a look at Williamsburg North. We provide spacious one to four-bedroom apartments and townhomes, making it easy to stay organized and clutter-free. Call for a tour today: 317-648-5854