Spring Cleaning Tips for Apartments

Spring Into Clean

As you get ready to leave the cold of winter behind, you may be looking around your apartment and thinking about the clutter (and maybe some dust) that developed when you were mostly staying indoors. It’s the classic signal that it’s time for some spring cleaning. Maybe you’re lucky and starting new in a fresh Indianapolis apartment like the ones at Williamsburg North. But in case you need a little help getting started, check out our quick tips for a deep clean! 

#1: Make a Mess First

You read that right–make a mess first! One of the best ways to make your cleaning experience efficient is to make a big mess. Now that doesn’t mean you invite everyone over for a food fight. It means going room by room and methodically pulling everything out of those spaces where they’ve been hiding. Empty the notorious junk drawer, pull out that suitcase full of extra clothes, and get rid of what you don’t need or want anymore. Why clean things you don’t even want to keep? Organize keep, donate, and trash piles for the things you find. Some key places to clear out include: 

  • Cabinets
  • Closets
  • Freezers
  • Fridges 
  • Dressers/nightstands 
  • Free-standing storage (like drawers or under-bed storage)

#2: Start Prepared

Spring cleaning will quickly come to a screeching halt if you don’t have the supplies you need already in place. Make sure you are well stocked with the most common cleaning supplies you use. This can vary from home to home, especially if you prefer to use natural and/or reusable products, but some common products to have on hand are: 

  • All-purpose cleaner 
  • Feather duster
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Mop
  • Vacuum
  • Sponges 
  • Bucket(s)
  • Dish soap

Pro tip! If you’re looking for simple and affordable cleaning products, start with two items you may already have: baking soda and white distilled vinegar. They’re gentle, natural or minimally processed, and safe for surfaces, humans, and pets alike! 

#3: Hold Yourself Accountable

Your spring cleaning won’t happen if you don’t keep up with it. To avoid burnout, create a manageable schedule for yourself. One week may be exclusively set aside for making a mess and clearing out old stuff. One week could be dedicated to dusting all knickknacks and surfaces. Create a working list and schedule then stick to it. If you’re afraid you’ll fall behind or get overwhelmed, divide your weekly list into different priority levels. Top-level items you have to complete, but wishlist items may happen sporadically as spring goes on. 

#4: Work Top to Bottom

This tip works for spring cleaning and beyond. When you clean, always work from the top of the room to the bottom. Any dust, debris, or particles you knock loose up high will keep traveling down. By the time you get to the floor, everything above is already clean. But if you start with the floor, you’ll be knocking dust and crumbs right back into it and double your work. For a deep spring cleaning, don’t just start on your countertops and tabletops. Instead, look at those hard-to-reach areas like ceiling fan blades, the top of bookshelves, the top of the fridge, and light fixtures. 

#5: Get Detailed

A spring clean only stands apart from the usual cleaning routine if you pay attention to details. There are a few key places you may be prone to neglecting throughout the year, so now is the time to really dig in. Some great places to give a scrub during your spring cleaning include:

  • Baseboards 
  • Walls
  • Ceiling corners (check for pesky cobwebs!)
  • Blinds
  • Doorknobs and cabinet hardware

It may seem fussy to do these extra steps, but they can make all the difference and will keep your apartment looking its best. 
Are you in search of north Indianapolis apartments that can give you a fresh start this spring? Then come take a tour at Williamsburg North. We have spacious floor plans and top amenities like washer and dryer connections that make it easy to freshen up your linens and a dog park, swimming pool, and a private patio or balcony where you can unwind after cleaning. Call today at: (844) 716-0251