Adding Bold Color to Your Apartment Decor

Taking a Chance on Bold Color

When you’re renting an apartment, you may feel like the neutral colors you start with are limiting. But that is simply not true! Bold color is made for any space, big or small. The apartment homes for rent in Indianapolis at Williamsburg North offer spacious floor plans ideal for trying new colors. And dashes of bold color are on trend for 2024. Are you ready to take a chance? Then check out our tips for adding bold color to your apartment! 

#1: Find Your Inspiration

Before you go all in on bubble gum pink as your new pop of color, start with a point of inspiration. That could come from several places. One option is to visit a home goods store and find a piece of artwork with a bold color (or maybe more) that resonates with you. Residents of Williamsburg North can take the short drive to Keystone at the Crossing in Indianapolis for plenty of premium shopping locations. Another option is to head to a craft or fabric store and look for a powerful pattern that sticks out to you. Finally, you can always fall back on something easy, like an interior decorating board from Pinterest. Whatever you choose, make sure it matches the mood you want in that particular space. 

#2: Stick to Your Palette

Bold colors can quickly become overwhelming if you don’t create a palette and then stick to it. If you’re scratching your head about what palette to use, just go back to your inspiration point. For example, if you choose a patterned fabric you love, look for one, two, or three colors in it that pop. Those can become the bold colors in your room. If that’s still a bit overwhelming, there are two simpler options. One is to limit yourself to just one bold color. Then you won’t have to worry about choosing complementary colors but instead can rely on big strokes of your color and a neutral background to make it stick out. The second option is to go monochromatic. Monochromatic doesn’t mean you have to use your bold color again and again. Instead, think of it as every shade imaginable of your bold color. You could do all shades of blue, purple, green, etc. 

#3: Go Big OR Small

If you’re unsure about committing to a bold color, it is perfectly fine to stick with smaller accents. Great options include artwork, a piece of furniture, throw blankets, and pillows. If, however, you’re ready to make an impactful statement with color, let it shine in several different places. You can have a bold couch color and use the same color for your window treatments, bookcases, and other large pieces. Our pro tip: don’t hold back too much. If you like color already, you’re going to love it in your space because it will reflect your personality and unique taste. 

#4: Make It Easy to Swap

A major concern about going all-in on bold colors is that you’ll be stuck with it. Fear not! One of the best ways to stay bold but keep your options open is to choose swappable items. When you pick items to represent your bold colors, pick throw blankets, pillows, bedding, and smaller decorative items like placemats. All of those items are available in an abundance of colors and are relatively easy to find at reasonable prices. You could even pick different bold colors to represent different seasons and swap them out that way. It will keep your decor feeling fresh year-round while also giving you the flexibility to back off on your bold color choice whenever you want. 

#5: Use What You Own Already

Your new bold color choices don’t have to break the bank. It’s incredibly easy to grab some items you already own or use secondhand pieces. What’s the trick? Paint. It’s that simple. Paint is a quick and affordable way to make something old feel new. Some easy items to upgrade with a coat of paint are furniture pieces and picture frames. You could go for a statement with your coffee table, bookshelf, or plant stand. If you’re tired of paint alone, there are also some slightly more involved options, like reupholstering something with a fabric remnant for sale that fits into your color palette. 

#6: It’s All in the Details

Your bold color choice will be even more impactful if you add it thoughtfully. For example, maybe you don’t want to paint a large piece of furniture, but you could paint the trim or legs of a table with one of your chosen colors. You can also find those fun accent pieces that make all the difference. Look for bookends, statues, coasters, candlesticks, and more to tie your colors all together. And if your inspiration comes from a pattern you’re using in your room, find the less obvious colors in the pattern and use them throughout the space. It’ll bring the pattern to life in new ways. 

#7: Have Fun! 

Your bold color choices won’t work if you don’t remember to have fun. Instead of focusing on the most popular color right now, pick a color that brings you joy. Also, remember that your bold colors can come in many shapes and sizes. Play with texture, add shine, and let your personality spill out into your surroundings. 
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