How to Keep Your Apartment Smelling Fresh

Out with Funky, In with Fresh

There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful home that sadly, well, smells. Sometimes it feels like the funk is coming from everywhere and nowhere all at once. That can become even harder when you’re living in an apartment because your space may include shared hallways or have fewer windows. If you live at Williamsburg North, our Indianapolis apartments already have great perks to help you, like windows that open onto our green spaces and an on-site laundry facility. Here are a couple of pointers to keep those pesky smells at bay and fill your space with freshness.

Start at the Top

Good smells start with a good cleaning. When it’s time for your cleaning routine, one of the best ways to avoid leaving behind sour scents is to start cleaning the higher places first. Dust the fan blades and shelves so anything that’s shaken loose makes its way to the floor. Then it’s easy to sweep, mop, and/or vacuum up afterwards. You don’t want all of those dust bunnies accumulating musty smells and lingering even after you clean everything else.

Launder Your Linens

Fabrics absorb, and that means any and all of your linens. Pillowcases, throw blankets, and sheets can all harbor sneaky smells. They take in moisture in the air and oils from our bodies. Try to set up a regular laundry routine and take some time to invest in some backup linens so you can keep them in constant rotation. Laundering them regularly will keep the moisture and oils from creating that musty, musky smell that’s hard to combat.

Absorb First

It can be super tempting to fight a bad smell with a good smell. However, that’s not going to fix the problem. You have to start with the source by absorbing that old stench. Not sure how to do it? There’s an easy and natural solution: baking soda. Baking soda is an excellent and affordable odor absorber. You can put a box in your fridge to take care of foul food or near your shoe collection in case some pairs are a little ripe. You can also use it for rugs and carpeting. Give a generous sprinkle all over and then vacuum it right up. Now you can enjoy a blank scent slate!

Go Natural

You may be thinking that it’s finally time to pull out all those sprays you’ve been waiting to use. Before you do, though, a word of caution. A lot of those sprays are full of chemicals and other allergens that may cause problems for you or for any guests you have over. Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives that you can tap into. Some popular options include reed diffusers or essential oil diffusers. They last a long time with minimal maintenance, and you can change up the scent easily without having to wait for a long-lingering unnatural scent to dissipate. If you want to try something a little different, then you can create your own scent sensation by boiling some fresh fruits and other items and then letting them simmer. Some good options include orange slices with cinnamon and cloves or a full citrus sensation with lemon, orange, and lime slices. A fun and different option is lemon and basil leaves.

If you want a quick way to avoid dealing with sour smells, then start by picking the right apartments for rent in Indianapolis: Williamsburg North. Our apartment homes offer you spacious floor plans in a prime location. When you need to find some resources for new scents, you can also enjoy easy access to premium shopping locations like Keystone at the Crossing and Broad Ripple. Come see for yourself what we have to offer and call (317)-648-5854.