Warm and Welcoming: Decorating Your Apartment for Winter

Creating a Cozy Retreat for Winter

As the cold settles in, you might be looking around your apartment and wondering how to get it cozy for winter. Humans may not hibernate, but you’ll want a welcoming retreat when you return home from a hard day or just a cold day. At Williamsburg North, our apartments in north Indianapolis make a perfect setting for comfort and your decorating style no matter the season. But to make your home extra wonderful this winter, try these tips for 2023! 

#1: Think Warm

“Warm” may sound obvious, but this is actually in reference to color. This year is all about warm neutrals. Go for beige, brown, and cream to create a sense of natural decadence. A huge bonus to this trend is that it will go with any palette, so it should integrate seamlessly into your current decor. 

#2: Head to the Woods

Overall, decorative trends this year are focused on nature, and wood elements are having their moment. Go for intricately detailed wooden accents like a carved box or frame. You can also go for raw wood in the form of mirror frames, candle holders, or 3D accents for the wall. 

#3: Textured Layers

There’s no doubt that winter in Indianapolis gets very cold, so layers are essential. You’re in luck because layers are in for decorating, too. You’ll want to go for things with plenty of texture, like chunky knits or touchable velvets. They’re perfect for throw pillows, blankets, or maybe an accent chair or rug. 

#4: Throwback Moments

Sometimes, old becomes new, and that is true this winter. Many accents are hearkening to the ’60s and ’70s. Geometric patterns, earthy tones, and relaxed designs are in. A quick way to get this look into your decor is with some artwork or a new accent piece. Look for things that are curved or more abstract. 

#5: Dessert Decadence

Who knows exactly the reason, but there are a lot of dessert-inspired items making their way into winter decorations this year. It creates a wonderland of treats that will tickle your sweet tooth. A great place to integrate this trend is in a wreath or garland or as a filler for decorative bowls. 

#6: Classic Reimagined

Classic never goes out of style. For winter decor this year, try classic but with a slight twist. For example, pick a common holiday shape like an evergreen tree but buy it in a dazzling metallic gold. Another fun option popular this season is unexpected color combinations like olive green with blush pink. 

#7: Fabulous and Frosty

Nothing says glitz and glamor quite like a heavy dose of glittery crystals. Go for items that look like they’ve been glazed over in a sparkly sheet of ice. You could go for more shimmer over glitter if you prefer, but the point here is to pick items that will bounce and refract light for a dazzling effect. 
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