Fall and Winter Events in Indianapolis

Indy Events for Fall and Winter

Fall and winter in Indianapolis are magical seasons, and not just because of the beautiful foliage and sparkling snow. Indiana’s capital city has many different festivals and other happenings for you to enjoy, and there’s something for everyone. When you live at Williamsburg North, you can get to any of these events in less than 30 minutes. So grab your calendar and check out some of the top picks for this fall and upcoming winter!

Fall Fun

If you want to find those special local spots to visit this fall, then check out these options.

Indy Bard Fest: From October 7th through November 14th, you can get your fill of your favorite bard, William Shakespeare. The festival this year is a little different. The list of offerings will include two non-Shakespearean plays that are still in keeping with the themes and timeless qualities of Shakespeare. However, there are still some old favorites on the schedule. Don’t miss your chance to tap into your inner thespian! 

Historic Irvington Halloween Festival: Don’t be fooled by the name! This festival is based right in Indianapolis in the Irvington Historic District. The area has beautiful architectural features among its many historic buildings. This makes it a unique and fun backdrop for a Halloween festival. The festival began in 1927 and has continued, with occasional gaps, ever since. This year’s list of events includes a seance, a spooky story, a vampire-themed 5K, and a full street fair. It’s a great way to explore a hidden gem in Indianapolis. 

ZooBoo: The Indianapolis Zoo always has some entertaining seasonal events, and fall is no exception. The ZooBoo has a great variety of activities and entertainment, and it all comes included with your regular admission. There is Pumpkin Town, a mini-village complete with science demonstrations, jokes, and a DJ. There’s a Trick-or-Treat Trail for younger visitors and an Adult Trick-or-Treat Trail, too. Decorations and other special rides make this a must-see event. 

Winter Wonders

Winter follows quickly on the heels of fall, so why not plan now for some winter fun? Here are a few events to visit! 

Santa Hustle: If you or someone you know enjoys running or walking, they may want to sign up for this fun Santa-themed 5K. When you sign up to run, you can even choose a special package that comes complete with a Mr. or Mrs. Claus costume you can wear while you run. Do you know a little walker or runner who would like to participate? Then you’re in luck! They also have a Kids Dash, and it comes with its own special Santa hat and beard. It takes place right downtown at White River State Park on December 5th. 

A Baroque Christmas: If you enjoy the sounds of classical music, then set aside December 12th to go hear the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra (ICO) perform at A Baroque Christmas. The concert takes place in the stunning Indianapolis Landmarks Center, so you will have the ideal atmosphere to enjoy some soothing music. The evening will feature both the ICO as well as a choir and soloists. 
No matter which event you choose, you can easily get there and back home when you live at Williamsburg North. Our Indianapolis apartments are located close to multiple major thoroughfares, so you can navigate anywhere in the city without worrying about how long it will take. Are you ready to come home to Williamsburg North? Then give us a call at (317)-648-5854.