5 Reasons to Add Plants to Your Decorating

Bring the Outside In

When you’re looking for a way to amp up your decorating style, one of the quickest and easiest ways is with a few well-chosen plants. If the idea of plants scares you because of maintenance, never fear! You can go for living or artificial, but adding plants is a great addition to your decoration. Here are a few key reasons why you should consider bringing some green to your space!

Reason #1: Color

One of the greatest things about plants is the sheer range of colors you can choose from. This makes it possible to approach your plants in one of two ways. You could either use colors already featured in your home to make them stand out even more or you can use plants as a simple way to add a pop of color. If you go for just greenery, you avoid the risk of clashing at all because greenery is a neutral in any setting. This means you can safely buy a green plant and know it will fit your space’s color palette.

Reason #2: Texture

Plants have incredible textures, especially with their leaves. You can use these textures to give a different feeling to your spaces. If you want to emphasize how cozy your space is, then stick with soft and gentle textures. If you want to make it look modern and sleek, go for some plants with sharp lines and a single, strong color. If your space is eclectic, then your plants can be, too! 

Reason #3: Styles

There are dozens of different styles to choose from when you decorate your home. You can go for minimalist, boho, mid-century modern, and the list goes on. That can make it daunting when you want to find something new to fill a space. Luckily, plants come in as many varieties as there are styles, if not more. Whatever you like about the lines of your style approach, look for that when you pick out plants. If you want your plants to contrast with your style genre, then pick a planter that brings out your style instead. 

Reason #4: Sizes

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find something that’s the right height or width to fill a space. Sometimes rooms end up with awkward corners or everything seems to be sitting at the middle of the wall or lower. To draw your eye up or down, you can pick a plant that’s short and squat or one that towers to the ceiling. Tall plants are a great way to make a room feel taller, and shorter plants have great organic lines to break up your straight shelves and flat tables.

Reason #5: Interchangeable

A huge benefit of plants is how easy they are to mix and match. Unlike other pieces of furniture or knickknacks, plants can fit into nearly any room with a few quick changes. You can change the pot to make sure the plant fits the vibe of the room. You can change the stand it sits on to bring the height up or down. If the plant is greenery only, it’s especially flexible and can go nearly anywhere you want. That makes plants a great long-term investment because they can move with you from one home to the next and always find a place to belong.

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