How to Maximize Your Living Space

With multiple spacious floor plans to choose from, Williamsburg North Apartments in Indianapolis has plenty to offer. And with some simple decorating tricks, you can make the most of every square foot and make your home feel even larger.

Take a look at these tips:

Use Corners
Corners of rooms are often unused, but why not make the most of them? Add a corner shelf to showcase your keepsakes, or put a floor lamp in the corner to add ambiance to any room.

Add Mirrors
Placed properly, mirrors are not only functional, they add light and depth to a room. Place mirrors on walls that face windows to create the illusion of more windows, or group a few smaller mirrors together on one wall for visual interest.

Choose the Right Scale
An overstuffed sectional sofa may be comfortable, but it can overwhelm a space. Ideally, you want your furniture to have a little “breathing” room around the ends and avoid having one overly large piece. Several smaller pieces – a sofa and two armchairs, for example – will give you more options for arranging your furniture.

Choose Light Colors
Furnishings that are light in color seem to illuminate rooms, and smart color contrasts add energy and visual appeal. You don’t need to buy new furniture to change your color scheme – just add a pretty slipcover or some throw pillows.

Williamsburg North is Waiting!
Apartments at Williamsburg North give you plenty of space to work with. With community features that include a playground, pool, and 24-hour fitness center, and our close proximity to Broad Ripple, there are plenty of reasons to live here. Ready to see your new apartment home? We offer video tours! Just call (317) 253-5089 to set up your virtual appointment.