Energy-Saving Tips

How to lower utility costs

The cost of heating and cooling your apartment can vary throughout the year, and every renter who lives in Indianapolis has probably been unpleasantly surprised by a hefty utility bill at least once. With some simple energy-saving tips, you can help lower your utility costs and keep them more consistent from month to month.

Adjust the thermostat
One of the easiest ways to use less energy is to adjust your thermostat a few degrees warmer in the summer and a few degrees cooler in the winter. Every degree you adjust adds up to big energy savings, and you likely won’t notice the temperature change at all.

Use LED bulbs
Energy-efficient LED light bulbs can use up to 75% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and can last up to 25 times longer, meaning you’ll almost never have to replace them! Modern LEDs are available for almost every fixture that uses incandescents, and they more than pay for themselves in energy and replacement savings.

Turn off and unplug appliances and electronics
Many items, including appliances and electronics, will continue to draw power when they’re plugged in, even if they’re switched off, so unplug items when they’re not in use. An easy way to do this is to plug multiple cords into a power strip with an on/off switch, and turn the switch off when you’re done using those items.

Let your window treatments help
Closing your blinds or curtains in the summer to prevent the hot sun from raising the temperature inside can reduce your cooling costs, just as leaving them open during the day in winter will help warm your apartment.

Run the dishwasher without the heated dry cycle
On average, dishwashers use far less water than hand-washing, but did you know they can also use less energy? If your dishwasher has an air-dry cycle, use that rather than the heated dry cycle – you can always use a dish towel to dry off any items that are still wet.

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