How To Host a Holiday Party in an Apartment

Keeping It Festive and Fun

Apartment living comes with a lot of perks, like on-site facilities, swimming pools, and playgrounds. But you may find yourself stumped when it comes time to host a party. At Williamsburg North, our apartments in north Indianapolis feature spacious floor plans that make hosting a breeze. Still, it never hurts to use a few quick tricks to make your space work for you, no matter the size of your apartment home or guest list.

#1: Tuck It Away

On a normal day, it would never make sense to shove things in closets where they don’t belong. But when you are hosting with limited space, now is the time to break that rule! Take extra dishes, pots, pans, blankets, etc. and tuck them in the spare bedroom or closet. Also consider tucking away some furniture. A decorative floor vase may work great day-to-day, but it’s a tripping hazard and takes up much-needed room on your floor. You can also take the furniture you do want to keep out and push it as close to walls as possible so you have ample floor space to work with.

#2: Designated Spaces

The last thing you want to do on party day is scramble to decide where things are going to go. So rather than guess or make last minute decisions, make a game plan for the major places a party needs. Here’s a short list of things to find a place fort:

  • A room or area for coats, bags, shoes, etc.
  • Beverage station
  • Food station(s)
  • Seating areas and/or standing areas

#3: Smart Food Choices

The point of hosting a party is to get to enjoy yourself with friends and family, not just stand in a kitchen or constantly open the fridge or freezer. You’ll have much more fun if you plan for foods that don’t need constant maintenance. You should also consider foods that are easily portable and less likely to spill and/or stain. That way guests don’t have to wander around with big plates of things. Here are some ideas of what to put out:

  • Charcuterie anything (popular, diverse, and low-maintenance)
  • Sliders
  • Any finger food
  • Chips
  • Fruit trays
  • Vegetable trays
  • Foods that stay warm in crockpots
  • Foods that are easy to put on toothpicks

#4: A Touch of Decorations

Holiday decorations are sparkly, bright, and very tempting. It can be all too easy to go overboard and clutter up your space with too many decorations. To keep your decorations from taking over your space, consider using decorations that are smaller or that are two-dimensional. You can find festive tablecloths, twinkle lights, and wall decorations. None of these will use up precious room in your home but will still add touches of holiday cheer.

5: Smart Scheduling Scheduling

Your party is also important. Pick a day that works two ways. First, you want to have a day when your guests can actually make it, so give them plenty of notice. Second, you want a day where you’ll have plenty of time to make preparations. If you’re concerned about having time the day of, consider giving yourself some extra time and take a half day off of work if you can. You don’t want to be so stressed that you don’t get a chance to enjoy your own party. If you have a rather large guest list, you may want to try a party that is more of an open house. Pick a longer range of time and allow guests to float in and out during that time. This will keep you from having to find room for everyone all at once and maximize the potential for you to get some quality time with each guest.

Are you looking for northside Indianapolis apartments that already have the space you need for a jolly holiday get-together? Schedule a tour at Williamsburg North. We offer floor plans from one bedroom all the way to four bedrooms in a prime location. Call us at: 317-648-5854