How to Winterize Your Wardrobe

Dressing for Winter

When winter sets in, you may be bemoaning the lack of wardrobe options or mourning warm weather staples like sandals and sleeveless stops. Well, those will still probably need to be stored, but there are still plenty of options to keep your winter wardrobe fresh and fun. It helps if you already live near top local shopping, like Williamsburg North, apartments in Indianapolis. But even if you know where to shop, you have to know what to look for, so here are some tips!

#1: Recycle!

Before you grab the bins and store everything for the winter, it is very possible to cycle some of your favorite summer and fall items into your winter wardrobe. Obviously, you don’t want to keep out anything that will make you freeze, but there are plenty of basic pieces that move through all seasons. A good shirt-dress or button-down top can easily be paired with a nice sweater or puffed vest to keep you cozy.

#2: Look to Your Legs

Most pants are going to move into the winter quite easily, but if you’re feeling adventurous, you can branch out into some fun patterns. A classic option is a nice pair of leggings, solid or patterned. If you like wearing dresses or skirts, then you can venture into the world of fashion tights. They are a trend that lets you mix it up with color, pattern, and even texture. If you want to wear a favorite pair of pants but don’t think they’ll be able to handle the cold, check out the next tip!

#3: Layers Upon Layers

This may seem like an obvious solution for cold weather, but layers are also an excellent way to make a bold fashion statement. Pair a mock turtleneck with a funky vest and patterned scarf. Keep out your short-sleeved dress and add a pair of tights, booties, a long sweater, chunky necklace, and statement hat. That way you stay warm and stand out. If you’re more focused on just staying warm in the blustery weather, then there are two syllables for you: longjohns. They may not be suitable for the runway, but there’s no doubt that they do a great job keeping you cozy.

#4: Chunky and Funky

The rumors are true. Chunky sweaters in intense patterns are back! Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s time to break out the insane colors or that truly horrendous clown pattern. However, some funky geometric patterns will serve you well this season. You can also go for traditional patterns, like a classic deer or moose pattern. If you lack the confidence to go all out, you could start with a statement scarf instead of going straight for the whole sweater.

#5: Protect Your Hands and Feet

The cold can quickly attack those tiny digits on your hands and feet, so don’t neglect them when you’re getting your clothes ready for the new season. If you’re going for warmth, then mittens are a great option. They keep the warmth of your fingers close to each other, whereas gloves separate them. Also go for socks that go up onto your calf a bit for maximum warmth. If you want a more fashionable approach, then consider fingerless gloves and socks that give that touch of fluff right above the zip of your boot. Finally, protect your footwear with a protective spray that provides a nice waterproof coating.

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